The risks of not making a will

Woman thinking about making a will

It’s very easy to put off making a will, as no-one likes to face up to their own mortality.

But there may be serious implications for your family if you don’t make one. Your home and property may not be distributed according to your wishes, and you risk depriving family members of their inheritance and even their home.

Possible consequences of not making a will

Some of the consequences of not preparing a will include:

  • Your estate may be distributed under the intestacy rules, which favour close family
  • Step children and unmarried partners may be overlooked
  • Your partner may be left homeless
  • Your children may be left with no legal guardian
  • Your family may face additional distress at a difficult time
  • Your money may go to the government
  • Family disputes may arise
  • Legal action may be required, which can be very expensive
  • Your family may face a higher bill for inheritance tax
  • The law is regularly changing, and it may not favour your family

Your will is an important document, so it’s worth using an experienced professional to make sure it’s drawn up properly. It will cost a few hundred pounds or so, but you’ll get an estimate first, so there’s no need to worry about fees mounting up.

The greatest advantage of using a professional is the peace of mind it will bring you. A professional will construct your will the way you want, to suit your individual needs, and will ensure all your wishes are carried out following your death.

There will be no technical mistakes, so you can rest assured there will be no expensive and upsetting disputes for your family to deal with when you’re no longer around.


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